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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 09:09

altRelationship problems

Q. My wife's birthday coincides with the day my father died, so the day to me is of joy and sadness at the same time, what should I do?
Death is one such reality we have no control over, your dad's death date, it is sure enough a day of sadness but remember it needs rejoicing too. You could do something he loved or spend sometime contemplating and remembering some of the good times and thoughts about your Dad. Remember your bonding with your dad is not the same as with your wife. So the day being her birthday means special for her. It should not be mixed with your quiet time in your Dad's thoughts, here happiness is also important, so any celebration with her should not make you guilty because we're multi-faceted. Your Dad is one such facet but she is as important to you too. Time they say heals everything so a few years later; you'll be able to see your Dad's death more objectively. The feelings will be there but won't hurt as much.

Q. Can I go ahead with my girlfriend or not?
A tricky question but a detailed study of your four pillars of Destiny can explain in detail the kind of relationship you would share with this girl for which your own date of birth and your girlfriend's with year, time and place of birth should be given. The analysis will point out what kind of a relation you could share with the girl then it is up to you, if you are comfortable or not. Every relation has multi shades it is up to you to decide.

Q. My girl friend seems to be worrying all the time, to the point of insanity?
The hyper temperament of your girlfriend, is like a chain of thoughts looped up together, every thought sets a spiral. A new one begins before the earlier is over. She needs to use a plain Quartz crystal (Clear White) in medium quantity, a bracelet perhaps to clear her mind and ground her so that the thought patterns will at least get segregated. Talking it over with her will also help.

Q. I never get appreciated for my work. I get scolded for mistakes other people make. I go out of the way and do work which is supposed to be done by others, yet I face these problems?
This is not a single problem. Firstly you going out of the way to take on responsibilities of others is an invitation to them to take you for granted. Secondly whenever you do work make sure it is seen by your superiors as done by you. As for taking scolding for other people's mistakes you've to be assertive and open to point out mistakes of others at the right time, so that your superiors know that these are not your mistakes.
One suggestion is that you could use nine pebbles in crystal to balance your energy, raise yourself esteem and invite good energy towards yourself. It could change the way others see you.


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