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Tuesday, 30 December 2008 08:50

altQ. There is no peace in my home, what to do?
A little friction occasionally is not a big problem but if too much discord occurs in a home it could lead to serious proportions. In order to restore some harmony you could try.
1. Burning incense couple of times a day.
2. Play soft instrumental music in the East (Compass direction) section of the home 1 or 2 times a day.
3. Hang a wind chime (Pleasant sound) with hollow metallic rods in even numbers.

Q. Does it matter if I stay in a rented flat?
In order to use Feng Shui it is not necessary that the space you use is ownership or rented. So long as you reside in it. You can effectively apply any remedies suggested.

Q. Does it matter if my house isn't tidy?
Your home is your comfort zone, it can be just the way you desire, to some a neat home may feel uncomfortable it must at least look lived in. However cleanliness is of prime importance, (you need not be overly fussy) .

Q. My home décor does not seem to allow a lot of the Feng Shui objects available, they look out of place; can I have alternatives more subtle yet effective to practice Feng Shui?
Feng Shui is an art of placement, it includes colors shapes designs and placement of furniture to allow free flow of energy in any space. It is not necessary to use too many objects, Besides one can choose from objects which suit ones décor and taste.

Q. What if according to Feng Shui the placement of my bedroom or kitchen is not very good?
The amazing beauty about Feng Shui is, that it can be applied to modern day living structures like flats and apartments without making any structural changes if the placement of rooms is not ideal there are limitless possibilities to correct situations creatively or rather intuitively.

Q. Are Toilets negative spaces?
Not exactly. It is a necessary feature in a home. But their placement can be determined by studying a home layout and if found to be ill placed they can be corrected (mind you without any breakage of course).

Q. How to know which is the best direction or position one should sleep in?
The sleeping position is determined by the placement of bed in an ideal position of the room, following which one can find out if the sleeping position is right or wrong for this the date of birth with year and time (if available) is needed.

Q. Is it fine to eat or have your dining area in the kitchen?
It is very important to note that the food that is cooked or eaten in a home may surprisingly have effect on the individual minds, thinking, health and well-being and this is exactly what we strive to better in our lives. So a kitchen which is comfortably spaced ventilated, neat, clean and pleasing can have a dining area within otherwise, it should be in an adjacent room, well lit bright and pleasant. Mealtimes should be treated as bonding times.

Q. Are living rooms necessary in extremely small apartments?
Living rooms represent the decision maker in a home. They are like your face which is the first thing that is noticed, we take extra care to look good and our face gets our maximum attention. So a little cozy sitting arrangement, some aesthetic display of objects, good lighting can establish your identity.

Q. Is it fine to have prayer space or Alter in a bedroom?
By all means bedrooms are your own space. The placement of an Alter or prayer space can be fine in a bedroom but the comfort level is very subjective, care should be taken to see that the alter is placed higher than the bed level, your feet if pointing in that direction should be lower than the height of the alter. If uncomfortable with the idea one can make a separating curtain or half barrier. Between the bed and the Alter a symbolic separation can also be created by hanging a mobile (a noiseless wind chime like hanging which rotates with the wind), between the bed and Alter.

Q. Which is the most suitable location for a bed in a room?
The best location of the bed in a room is diagonally opposite the entrance. The basic necessity is to be able to see the door yet not be exactly in front of the door. A solid wall behind the bed board is a must, if not then the bed board should be prominent (No split patterns or mirrors should be fixed on the bed board). If there is a window behind the bed board it should have thick or non-transparent curtains which can be drawn whenever possible.

Q. Can beams or columns cause harm?
Beams and columns need special attention. A cross beam over a bed, gas stove or dining table can cause serious problems, necessary corrections can be made or the objects should be moved out of the range of the cross beam. Columns have less harmful effects so the treatment may vary depending on what is affected by their presence.

Q. Does it matter if your main door opens right or left?
The main door is the most important feature in your home. Whatever comes in enters through that door. It must be a single door opening right or left, either is fine but it must open to welcome energy "yang" to a major portion of the house.
It must have a proper name plate suitably fixed, the house No. and some welcome feature. The door must be kept in good condition, and the hinges must be well oiled. There is no problem if you have a safety door opening in another direction. But the grill patterns should be carefully selected to avoid a jailed in look.

Q. I have one room in my house my family will not co-operate, can I do Fengshui to help them or without their knowing?
Definitely if you occupy one room in your house you could correct and enhance your room which could give benefit to the other members of your house as well.

Q. If my place is wrong according to Feng Shui; do I need to change it?
If your place is not correct as per Feng Shui, a detailed audit/study may certify what is the extent of your problem. Most spaces can be lifted or corrected by making certain simple or at times bigger changes. But most of these changes are possible and can alter the energy of the space subsequently.

Q. I am a freelancer in my field of work can Feng Shui help me?
If you are a freelancer the most important thing is for people to notice you.
1. You could display some of your good work or awards in the South of your office, home or the living room of your home.
2. Burn one incense stick only once a day in the south of your office, home.
3. Put some bright red object in the south of home or office from wherever you operate (Make sure its not too large)

Q. Where or in which places application of Feng Shui is necessary?
You can apply Feng Shui to your entire home office or work place. In some cases it might not be possible to use Feng Shui for the entire space, here you can apply the principles of Fengshui to your room, cabin or your own place however small it is.

Q. Are antiques and sentimental objects clutter?
No. but antiques can have lot of thought attachments to them, if these objects are picked from old palaces, buildings, they tend to carry some thought patterns from the past which are difficult to expel so care must be exercised before opting for one. Objects of sentimental values however old do not categorize as clutter, but one must genuinely give thought to the fact that is it sentiments, possessiveness, or simply an attitude that is making us hold on to the objects. At times, the objects are hand me downs where the person keeping them may not have actual connections with the one who gave it to some ancestors ages ago. These objects must be then judged by their usability value or actual value (*Clutter cleaning and space enhancement)

Q. Storage can be extremely difficult problem in a home, any advice?
Storage of essential usables is necessary in a home. It should be sensibly and equally distributed in a home, however the term essential can be subjectively applied, and hoarders may believe everything can be stacked up. This could lead to clutter block crowding the lofts, attics bed storages, unused areas and rooms may become clutter dens. This could harm your well-being so a minimum amount of storage should be allowed in a home, well distributed and periodically checked to discard useless stuff.

Q. What harm can clutter cause?
Our home is like our larger body if any part of it is kept blocked or unattended the clutter creates stagnation of energy and blockages in those aspects/areas of our life, that particular area deals with.

Q. What can be termed as clutter?
It would be interesting to note that clutter is not necessarily useless objects it is those excess things we may not use ever like a dress which is good but will not fit you ever, or odds and ends people may have gifted to you but there is no use for them in your arena getting rid of such things may make you feel actually lighter and better. And giving them to someone who can actually use them is a good deed or karma.

Q. Can I decide a day and clear off all that is piled up for years?
Any drastic change is not desirable clutter clearing should be done in phases. May be starting with small personal things like a wallet, a drawer a book shelf, old magazines, wardrobe, kitchen, loft and so on. Sudden change can at times cause to much upheaval, so a step by step approach is easy and comfortable.

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