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101 Feng Shui Cures PDF Print E-mail
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Wednesday, 25 March 2009 06:16

1.    You can use water bowl with salt, flowers and a single floating to enhance career and ward off negativities in the North.

2.    A sizeable picture of a water body, a pathway, or water fountain in the North can make way for good things to flow your way.

3.    A Metal bell tied to the door knob or bells hung from the inside of your main door bring good luck.

4.    Use an empty yellow box in the North-East to enhance knowledge and studies; it is an excellent cure for soul searching.

5.    Making a small library in the North-East is a good idea to seek Knowledge.

6.    Healthy plants in the East improve your relations with family both in the home and outside.

7.    A picture of happy family occasion put in the East brings warm feelings of bonding in the family.

8.    Three bells tied with a red twine and hung in the East better relations with your grown up children.

9.    Playing soft instrumental music especially piano in the East can bring good vibes and harmony in a home.

10.    Place an empty crystal bowl in the South-East to receive blessings.
11.    A fish tank with eight gold fishes and one black one; well maintained can enhance money luck and improve business.

12.    A poster of a water fall where the water is collecting in a pool hung in the South-East can bring in great opportunities.

13.    Make a wish bowl with colored marbles, crystal tumbles, some coins, an ingot, some red ribbon; place it in the South to enhance money.

14.    A clock with a seconds arm which glides does not move with jerks; fixed in the South helps complete unfinished projects.

15.    Burning incense once a day enhances the South to get believers in your work however if you have something important about yourself you don’t want to disclose you should avoid this remedy because it could bring it out in the open.

16.    Placing your performance photographs, trophies, merits and achievements in the South can bring fame and success.

17.    Burning out a candle in the South can cleanse ill fame.

18.    A bunch of yellow flowers in the South-West enhances friendship.
19.    Pink cushions in the South-West create comfort in a love relationship.

20.    A bowl full of earth crystal tumbles placed in the South-West enhances and heals health.

21.    Place your computer in the West it enhances the area and is good for creativity.

22.    Having a bedroom for young children in the West brings joy in the family.

23.    Hang a lead glass crystal in a window to attract a rain bow of light stream; it wards off negativity and brings happiness.

24.    Place your affirmations in the West; it is the direction of dreams.

25.    Metal artifacts in pleasant features bring good luck in the West.

26.    Seven tiny metal bells tied with a red twine and hung in the West bring about speeding of a deal.

27.    Pictures of Angels in the North-West bring help.

28.    Pictures of Gods, Gurus or saints in the North-West invoke their blessings.

29.    Hang a lead glass crystal to attract help of tangible form in any matter.

30.    Do not put too much red in the North.

31.    No water remedies should be placed in the North-East in doors.

32.    Mirrors in the North-East are not desirable.

33.    Plants with pointed leaves, cactus and plants that block sun light from the East are not desirable.

34.    Do not clutter the South-East it blocks money.

35.    Placing too much red or fire in the South can create fights and friction in your home.

36.    Excess fire or red in the south can bring ill fame.

37.    Broken things in the South-West bring unhappiness in the marriage.

38.    Kitchens in the South-West cause mal nutrition.

39.    Too many mirrors in the South-West have people interfering in your marriage.

40.    Too many mirrors in the bedroom have people meddling in your marriage.

41.    Dead flowers or photographs of dead people in the South-West bring illness.

42.    Unsteady objects, swings or water- fountains in the South-West bring bad health and suffering.

43.    Sharp objects displayed in the West bring conflicts in the home.

44.    Huge windows in the west allowing too much sun rays in cause migraines.

45.    Cluttered lofts in the North-West cause confusion to the Head of the family.

46.    Wall paper with projections and disturbed patterns is not desirable.

47.    Damp walls, chipped paint and cracks on walls should be attended to and corrected.

48.    Broken glass panes and hinges of windows should be repaired immediately.

49.    Broken objects should be discarded immediately.

50.    Pictures of wild animals should not be put in a home.

51.    Bulls with locked horns should not be displayed they cause fights.

52.    Pictures of war zones brutality or sadness are negative.

53.    Pictures of a lone figure are not welcome especially if you are seeking a relationship.

54.    A running beam over a dining table blocks money.

55.    A running beam on the bed causes illness or separation.

56.    Placing your head under a running beam or split level ceiling when sleeping causes stress.

57.    A running beam over a gas stove causes financial crunch.

58.    A running beam visible across or too close to the main entrance blocks opportunities.

59.    A staircase visible from the main entrance should not be right in front of the door or aligned with it.

60.    Staircases leading to upper floors of the house should not have gaps between the landing boards.

61.    Staircases should be properly lit and pleasant.

62.    A staircase located in the centre of the house is harmful.

63.    Spiral staircases indoors can have serious effects on the well being of the members.

64.    Toilets in the house should be kept dry and well ventilated.

65.    The toilet seat should be kept covered as much as possible.

66.    A toilet door should not be visible from the main door.

67.    You should never sleep right in front of a toilet door.

68.    A toilet wall cannot be used from the outside for a gas stove or alter.

69.    You should not sleep with your bed board touching a toilet wall.

70.    Flushing down a handful of granular sea salt in the toilet drains away negativity.

71.    A house in front of a T-Junction is considered inauspicious.

72.    A hit road visible from your window causes harm.

73.    A corner from nearby building pointed towards your door or window emits Sha-chi (bad energy).

74.    A view of a cemetery or burial ground from your house brings in sadness and harm.

75.    Protect your balcony or window with sound of a wind chime if fights and quarrels from an opposite floor can be heard.

76.    Filthy water bodies visible from your windows cause disturbances in your life. Use curtains and screen them.

77.    A curved road in front of a building moving away takes away energy.

78.    A curve with an embracing arm closing in on a building is considered lucky.

79.    Any arrow pointing towards a house emits Sha-chi.

80.    Homes with angled doors have peculiar problems.

81.    A mobile spiral hanging in the children’s room makes them active.

82.    Do not use too much red in a child’s room it makes him hyper active.

83.    Use a picture of a galaxy in a child’s room to stabilize him.

84.    An amethyst placed on a study table enhances studies.

85.    A bowl with nine oranges placed on the dining table brings luck and feels pleasant.

86.    Keeping objects in pairs is considered lucky.

87.    Mopping your floor with a handful of salt added to the water cleanses and energizes your home.

88.    Handmade tapestry and objects have positive ‘Chi’ (energy).

89.    Pictures of Family in celebration displayed create warmth in family relations.

90.    Burn out a candle and throw grains of salt in every corner of the house day after an event or large gathering takes place.

91.    Use protective features suitable to your style, taste and culture on your main door.

92.    Make sure your nameplate is well maintained on your door.

93.    Your house number should be seen on your entrance.

94.    The hinges and handles of your main door should be in good repair.

95.    Place beautiful objects in your home above eve level; you tend to look up in life.

96.    Glare coming in from windows right across as you enter your house should be screened.

97.    A wall too close to your main entry to a home should have a vista or painting in a suitable size of a beautiful landscape.

98.    Use a brown mat at the door if there is a staircase going down too close to the entrance.

99.    Keep a small and neat shoe rack near the entrance to avoid a crowd of foot wear welcoming at your door.

100.    The first look and feel as you enter your home must be pleasant in appearance and smelling good.

101.    Plants placed near the entrance need to be kept healthy and should not block the doorway.

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