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Thursday, 18 December 2008 10:03

Your Pride: The Living Room

altLiving rooms are representations of your identity. Standing for the yang or ruling energy of a house holder or head of the family.
Ownership is not important; he or she should be the main major decision maker. Corrections of the entire house can be implemented here especially in a joint family or in case of missing areas. A simple layout of the Ba-Gua overlayed on the living room can be used for making simple corrections.

The living room should be most easily seen or approached from the main entrance. Hanging of the door right of left should expose the yang areas like Living rooms, family rooms or dining areas first. Kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, should be screened as these are more private or yin areas.

Beautiful object displays, personal achievements of the various members, expensive wares, trophies, awards, should find a proud place in living rooms. They should flaunt your affluence and wealth. Beautiful lights small cluster of arrangements electronics expensive crystalware all belong here.

Living rooms display the health of family relations. Almost every family entertains, meets, gathers and celebrates in a living room. Its a place of Pride in your home.

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