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The Fifth Wall

Feng Shui and Your Ceiling

altLook Up… Your ceiling of the house is the least attended part of the home. Do realize it is your fifth wall. It needs to be taken care of as much as any part of the house.

False ceiling have an advantage as they cover and take care of any visible disturbances in this region of the house.

The ceiling must be suitably high to feel comfortable as per the dimension of the room.

Beams columns and pillars should not run over or seem an obstruction in visible appeal of the room.

Pillars can be suitably decorated with beautiful fixtures or features.

Ceilings are as important as the walls or floors, because offer us shelter and protection from the elements. Remember we often call our home as “the roof over our heads.”

As per Feng Shui, ceilings are important because of the protection they offer and the ways in which influence our lives, especially when you are sleeping. That is because being overhead they exert a strong influence to on our heads and minds.

Ceiling colors and features
Water or any representation of it in color is not suitable overhead, hence black or blues are not suitable on ceilings. White is the color of peace and calm; it represents “heaven” and the best choice for ceiling colors. As far as possible; light fittings and designs should be carefully chosen.

Ceiling height
Ideally it should be between 10 and 12 feet high. If your ceiling is lower than 8 feet, chances are your progress in life is suppressed and you’ll feel burdened with problems.


Skylights are fine in places where they can bring in the heavens chi to enhance the premise. However, if there is a skylight over your bed, energy is being drained away. Draining of energy can interfere in marital happiness. In such a case it is better to move the bed under a solid ceiling.

Slanted ceilings or slopes
These generally pose a problem unless they are in areas not in active use. You can not sit or sleep under them or spend long hours under one. If you must use the space under a slanted ceiling frequently, hang bamboo flutes above to lift the chi or use upwardly projected lights to lift the energy at the lower end of the slant.

Tray, dropped or uneven ceilings

Another design trend has been the tray ceiling. These ceilings look good, but too often it means sleeping or sitting under the portion that is lowest, or uneven as compared to the entire ceiling.

0608mitch   |27.110.224.xxx |2010-11-10 17:24:41
i have bamboo flute,is it ok i put it on front of my entrnce main door?
0608mitch   |27.110.224.xxx |2010-11-10 17:24:58
i have bamboo flute,is it ok i put it on front of my entrnce main door?
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