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Feng Shui and Crystals

Crystals are one of the most popular of cure in Fengshui. They are available in different shapes, sizes and forms for use. alt

The quartz crystals are considered sacred. The quartz crystal is a source of white light energy. The strength of the crystal lies in its structure and clarity.
Crystal is both a receiver and a transmitter of energy. This attribute makes it fit for healing purposes.
Quartz crystals have been used for healing since ages. They are used in different shapes and sizes to attract the power of light. These crystals contained mystical qualities. They are also considered as the sacred symbols of light and are believed to keep away negativity. Apart from healing, they are also used for transforming the mind state, inspire, induce intuitive insight, guard against negative vibrations, and smoothen the Aura.
Crystals are used as jewelry, in stone form, tumbled or in their natural state. They are available in crude, polished or even in beautiful facetted forms.

Wearing a crystal as a pendant, or any other form of jewelry

Keeping it near you as you work or sleep

Placing it on the appropriate spot on your body for healing purposes

Holding a crystal while meditating

Placing them on your chakras( The seven invisible circles of energy in the human body starting from the base of the spine to the top of the head ) to heal and balance

Keeping them in homes or offices to heal and energize space

How to care for your Crystals

When you first buy your crystal, you need to cleanse it of all negative energies and vibrations that it may have picked by the handling of several people and places it may have gone through.

Some crystals and stones are fragile and need to be handled with care.

For cleansing, you can hold them under gently running water. The healing properties of crystals will be greatly enhanced by regular cleansing.

You can also cleanse crystals by leaving them out in a safe place under moonlight preferably a full moon night.

You can place crystals in a sieve and hold incense under them for a while for clearing negativity.

Programme a crystal by holding it in your hand and affirming what you want it to do; you could support this by visualizing it too. A crystal can be a friend and a strong source for grounding.

Understand the immense power of Mother Nature and the healing qualities of Crystals.

AGATE A beautiful striped stone found in moss, blue earth colors. Agate balances and keeps you in tune with Earth energy. Helps you feel secure, calm and releases stress

AMETHYST A beautiful purple crystal of the quartz family. Calming, healing, helps fight insomnia, negative thoughts and depression. It is recommended for those involved in healing and counseling; a cluster of amethyst placed in the work space will absorb negative energies and emotions. Excellent for use by students for enhancing memory.

AQUAMARINE A lovely soft blue-green stone calming, soothing and cooling in effect. It is helpful in releasing excess fluid from the body especially water retention. Useful for sea and motion sickness.

BLOODSTONE A powerful healing stone. It is a dark green stone with specks of red in it. Helps all blood related problems. It infuses courage and strength; particularly ambition.

CITRINE A pale yellow attractive crystal known for enhancing writing and academic skills. When placed on your desk, it is great for clarity of thoughts and expression. Citrine is a good detox or cleanser and beneficial for the heart and kidneys.

DIAMOND The toughest and the most brilliant of gemstones. Attracts immense positive energy, emanates radiance and keeps negativity at bay.

EMERALD A beautiful green translucent gem that helps self-discovery. It is symbolic of love, warmth and fertility. It is healing to the eyes.

GARNET A bronze-red stone known to increase prosperity and vitality. Excellent mood lifter and aids blood circulation. It is used for protection as a charm.

LAPIS LAZULI This gorgeous deep blue stone with gold streaks (Pyrite) has calming properties. It is used to connect with ones inner self or pursue spirituality.

MALACHITE A dark green stone known for helping arthritis and bone problems. It gives peace, clarity and patience. It absorbs negativity and attracts prosperity.

MOONSTONE A white milky translucent stone associated with the moon. It helps to balance sensitivity and emotions. It nurtures love. It is believed to induce good dreams if placed under the pillow.

PERIDOT A beautiful attractive light-green stone, helps fight depression, is used for cleansing and aids digestion. It protects from negativity.

QUARTZ A family of crystals.
Clear Helps with ear and hearing problems, used for healing and cleansing work.
Smoky Protects your energy field. It is great for manifestation of dreams and desires.
Rose It is calming, heals emotional problems and feelings of vulnerability, used in love relationships for bonding. Helps to overcome loss or bereavement.

RUBY A bright red gem which invokes ambition, authority, confidence and self drive. It is associated with royalty. It can be difficult to adjust to its warmth for the wearer.

TIGERS EYE A gold-brown stone stripes or streaks. It helps in grounding, psychic powers and used as a good luck charm. It aids concentration and focus and is useful for memory. It cleanses and protects us.

TOURMALINE A powerful crystal that comes in watermelon shades (black, pink and green). It can help to heal a relationship, restores balance and happiness. It is used as a protection against evil eye.

TURQUOISE A calm sea-blue stone, which heals the lungs, throat and respiration. It is excellent to enhance vocal talents.

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