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Tuesday, 14 April 2009 04:40

How to judge if a property has good feng shui ?
Whenever you plan to purchase property, land, or move into a leased flat remember that the energy occupying the space is going to have deep impact on your health and well being. In order to check out the feng shui of the place you must follow some broad guide lines.
  • Spend some time in the place, make sure you visit the place a couple of times at different time of the day.
  • Observe the view from different windows, check the landscape for poison arrows.( Poison arrows are formed by sharp pointed corners of other buildings, arrows on hoardings pointing towards the doors or windows, roads directly pointing to the door or window )
  • Make small talk with neighbours, watchmen, security gaurds or any other resident available.
  • Make enquiries about previous tenants.
  • If possible find out what existed on the plot before the building was constructed.
  • Find out the general lifestyle of tenants above or below the house to check if there is a repetitive problem.
  • Look for any water body in the surroundings, make sure the water is good.
  • Observe if there is a prominent damaged feature disturbing, or any dead bird or animal lying around.
  • Check if the lights are throwing proper light or seem paler.
  • Check land scape for any direct view of a crematorium, or grave site.
  • In case of an open plot look for surrounding land forms and roadways.
  • And finally consider and give thought to any other oddity you notice about the place.
Is feng shui permanent or does it require to be checked periodically and upgraded ?
There are a few aspects of feng shui which are more lasting than others. For example, when we do up the interiors of a house the paint on walls should represent colors needed to balance the energy on a fairly long term basis, the color of curtains, tapestry, carpets etc. should be more superficial and can be changed periodically. The object like pots, toads, water features, artifacts, etc. can be moved more frequently or rotated. External land forms can have very long term effect but even these influences change over period of time. Hence like all other things in nature feng shui keeps having different effects on us as time changes.

Are there ghosts in existence, can they be in certain properties ?

The existence of ghosts in certain premises can be a topic of debate, however let us analyze the possibility of certain strange experiences occurring in places, some could be repetitive. The presence of strong thought patterns left behind by previous tenants both living and dead could linger in a place long after they have gone. These at times can be picked up, sensed or even experienced by individuals who are highly sensitive to energy. Space if not cleared of these thought patterns can become unusable to living people, especially if the place in consideration is too yin. Different cultures in various countries use their own ways and rituals to clear and enhance the space making it fit to live in.

Is purchase of old furniture, jewellery, or antiques undesirable ?
Every thing we own and use absorbs our energy and thought patterns. Beds used by people who have suffered prolonged sickness can be affected too. These when used by healthy people can cause difficulties at times which are hard to explain. Where antiques are concerned, coming from an era we know little about, they could be carrying thought patterns of happenings in those places they were witness to. So is they case with jewellery, it can be used if you have some idea where it belonged. Goes without saying jewels belonging to ones family tree are safe for use. Especially if they are bequeathed with love and affection.
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