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Case Studies- Structural Imbalances and Flaws in Space


1. This example is a case study solved several years ago; wherein a family had two children sharing the same bedroom, one of them the elder son was focused and doing well in his studies, the other younger sibling struggled and has difficulties coping with his academics.

On calculating the Nine-Ki Numbers of the two children and studying the home environment, it was found that the direction corresponding to the younger of the two children was cluttered with unwanted old and useless storage. Besides the room shared by the children was painted blue, had lots of tall furniture and wood fittings unfavorable to the same child, while the elder son was supported by the same features.

The direction supporting the elder child had a beautiful garden view and positive energy. On analysis it was inferred that by clearing the clutter in the required direction and balancing the energy of the room to support the younger child; in a few days time; had started showing positive results for the child in question. Eventually he was able to feel and perform better.


2. In another instance, there was a family whose thirty-five year old son was jobless, idle and lacked motivation. The family resided on the twelfth floor apartment in a good locality. The surprising fact was that the gentleman in question was educated, intelligent and capable. His bedroom was in an extended portion of the flat overlooking sea-view.

On inspection it was found that his bedroom was the only section of the house with several floors missing below it. The rest of the house was in the main wing of the building. This situation kind of created a divide between him and his parents and made him insecure. The portion dividing the two wings was the dining area.

On treating the person with grounding remedies like earth crystals, and placing a heavy based dining table to stabilize the house in the connecting portion a stark improvement was seen in the gentleman. In a couple of months; with a little elemental support; he was able to think clearly and find a job in another city. He moved out of the problem bedroom and eventually prospered.

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