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Q. My Career graph is unsteady, infact going downwards, what should I do for a smooth flow in my career graph?

Two things firstly pull up your socks on a lighter note. I understand this can be of great concern to you. Enhancing the north of your house, room, and work place. Secondly you can clear clutter from your personal areas like wallet, bag, cupboard and room, clear the north of your house too. light a floating candle in the North with some aroma. Face your direction of prosperity whenever possible

Can Feng Shui assist in choosing a career?
Feng Shui has a section of Astrology by which one can find out whether one's energy is projected more inwards or outwards. People with inward focus can do more mental, stable indoor or passive jobs. Those with outwardly projected energy can do outdoor activity or executing jobs. They can do or get things done more efficiently.
One can surely find out whether one is best suited for a job or can be a perfect professional.
Several options can be considered.

Q. What if I find out I'm in a field totally unsuitable to me?
In case you find out you're in a field unsuitable to you. Switching career may not be possible but making one of your choices of ideal profession as a hobby or side business, or even keeping in touch with the subject can satisfy your inner urge and give you a more fulfilling life. We've heard several times Doctors or Engineers becoming stage or Cine Artists successfully or Bankers and Finance persons becoming Healers. So one can always flow with energy if it is practical or possible of course. There may be a price one pays for such decisions but if you're comfortable it can be possible.

Q. I'm finding hard to make up my mind about career, I'm good at more than a couple of things, what can help me decide on the best option?
Based on your personality types there could be several career options the Yang Yin balance of your birth chart can be taken note of, to decide the best option. However all the practical aspects of career must not be ignored? A detailed study of your birth chart can be made with the help of your DOB with time of Birth and place of birth.

Due to peer pressure I have opted for engineering field, I am good at it; but I always wanted to be in the field of arts; can I do something I feel unhappy about the sacrifice?
Switching career midway can take you several steps back wards. As you claim you are good at your academics a proper detailed study of your birth chart (DOB with year and time) could help you balance your elements and help you overcome your cravings for a career in arts besides you could learn several aspects of art and be some one who understands and appreciates Art you could develop a hobby in the same direction.

Q. I'm a sincere student at times I find it difficult to focus or concentrate can I be helped?
At times there comes a saturation point when one is mentally tired. Lack of focus can also be the result of surrounding sounds and activities. Facing your favorable direction for concentration can help one to be more focused. (* DOB - Know your personality). Your date of birth with year and time (if available) will help us to help you better. You can also try using crystal (The right one will depend on your date of birth) (* look in E-shops)

Q. I study very hard and get good results but I'm never sure I'm prepared?
You need grounding and centering carrying crystal tumbles (E-shop) with you for grounding will help. You could walk bare footed at home or better try walking on sand. Do some gardening or simply play with clay.

Q. I want to tackle personal trauma like depression, anger, frustration or road blocks in my life, can Fengshui help me?
Many a times our personal behavior flaws can be triggered or enhanced by our environment, things we are surrounded with, our life style or certain undesirable energies surrounding us if we correct these issues we surely can achieve immense improvement and for this Fengshui has several solutions and options.

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