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Thursday, 18 December 2008 06:16

Feng Shui in Your Kitchen

altFeng Shui principles associate kitchens with prosperity, nourishment and good health. This is the exact reason why the kitchen is one of the most important areas in a home irrespective of its size.

The kitchen should be clean, well ventilated and bright. It should be well organized, free of clutter, comfortably large. Chairs should always come in pairs. The dining area if it exists in the kitchen should be slightly away from the cooking place and suitably segregated.

Cleanliness, neatness is of utmost importance, broken and unwanted things should be discarded. Any out of order gadgets should be repaired and care should be taken to ensure clear functioning of drainages electrical points, wiring and so on. Leaking taps should be fixed instantly as they cause loss of money and energy.

Important Points to Bear in Mind

  • Stale foods should be disposed of quickly to prevent loss of good energy.
  • Utensils should be in good shape and neatly organized.
  • Empty the garbage bins every night in order to open the door for new opportunities.
  • Clean up any spills around the oven, stove and microwave, check knobs and handles for grease and clogs caused by spillage as soon as they occur to reduce misunderstandings.
  • Do not sit very close to your microwave or toaster; avoid them overhanging the dining area as this causes emotional upset and problems amongst family members.
  • Financial stress can be lessened by sweeping and/or mopping on daily basis.
  • Keep the bins and shelves in the refrigerator clean and free of clutter.
  • A fresh bowl of fruits on the kitchen table is a symbol of good health and vitality.
  • Place a mirror or a reflector behind the gas stove to double your good fortune and abundance.
  • Keep some reflective objects in front of the person cooking; so that the door or movement behind the cook can be monitored, for better control. This can enhance the energy of the food cooked.
  • The gas stove should be placed against a wall, never in front of a window and should not have a beam running above it. Do not have shelves or storage cupboards too close above the gas stove. (They are best avoided) They can cause financial pressures.


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