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Monday, 22 December 2008 10:12

Feng Shui: Career

Choosing the right career is the first major decision we are required to make, the first step is, whether you should be employed, take up an individual profession or do business with the use of Feng Shui some of these major life building queries can be solved coupled with valuable practical steps. For those stagnating in Education the vital question is from now which way to go. Switch over if possible or some supplement education questions like these can be handled effectively by referring to your Destiny Chart. The major portion of your creative life is dealing with career generating its own problems with its spiraling effect on home and health. These issues are dealing with competition in profession or business. Dealing with staff or workers and other sub ordinate help mates. Job related problems could corner your performance graph favor with bosses and cut throat competition.

At the beginning of ones career, often one faces a dilemma, many a times it’s difficult to choose from job or business. Besides practicality one can surely check with the pillar chart for success graph in these fields before one embarks on them.

Let's assume if one is fiercely independent or outspoken, finds it difficult to take orders, he or she may be cut out for an individual profession, wherein all the decisions are to be taken independently. If an individual displays qualities of leadership is pro- active and dynamic he or she could lead others in an organization. If one is organized, methodical and hard working. He could be a very dependable second line employee, who forms the strong pillars on which the organization rests.

EDUCATION: Our life building years are those we spend in school and colleges. Stability of mind, concentration and focus are the pre-requisites in these years when everything around is in constant change. It is interesting and important to note that our major career decisions have to be taken at an age which is way too early, and surely well in advance of our awareness to the importance of the decision taken and the impact it has on own life.

Most of the time, these vital choices are made by our family or elders; in our better interest. We have no reason to doubt their intentions. But would it not be better if we could find out the best options based on the capabilities and talents of our children and select the ideal career which could be interesting at the same time rewarding for them.

PROFESSION: Suggestions for possible career choices one can pick and choose from are one of the most important knowledge available to us under Fengshui Astrology. Individual professions have their own set of advantages and disadvantages self motivation and discipline of the highest degree is essential to ensure high standards of professionalism.

Our success and achievements can be in multitudes if we choose the right path and build our foundation well.

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