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Thursday, 18 December 2008 06:06

Feng Shui in Your Bedroom

altApplying the principles of Feng Shui to the bedroom can have soothing and nourishing effect on you. Remember you need harmony, rejuvenation and peace in your bedroom. For an ideal bedroom you must not place mirrors and water features in your bedroom.
Your bedroom must have soft soothing lights. It must be clean, free of clutter and comfortable. Avoid too much storage over head or under the beds. Do not keep sharp pointed objects around.
Features or paintings depicting violence or offensive objects should be avoided. You can use scented candles incense or aromas to uplift the energy. Use comfortable and pleasing linen. Do away with pictures of wild animals in your bedroom.

  • The bed position should be such as to allow a view of the bedroom door.
  • Ideally the bed should have a solid wall behind it.
  • Mirrors in a bedroom should not reflect a person sleeping.
  • Eloctronics in a bedroom should be unplugged at night.
  • Bathroom doors inside a bedroom should be kept closed
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