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Thursday, 18 December 2008 06:30

Your Main Door

altAll that you have in your life and all that you soo much want enters through your Main Door.

The ‘Main Door’ to your house is the entry for the life force energy to your home. It decides to a great extent the kind of life you lead. If for example, you have a simple functional door, with a standard name plate, a plain ordinary approach and decor, some light, enough for visibility; it means the house is functional, an average working person will have no problems with the kind of energy available, the occupants could be spending most of their time out and perhaps come in only to rest, sleep or eat.

However in another case we consider a house with a pleasing decorative door; arched and designed beautifully. A fancy nameplate, with some decorative lights in the entrance area; a welcome feature on the door, some clean, healthy and beautiful plants placed comfortably near the entrance, smelling pleasant. It indicates that the occupants of that particular house are creative, love to live luxuriously, are attracted to spend their time home and so on…….

It remains solely a matter of choice how you choose to live. In any case we need to agree that any home simply needs a door which can look welcoming enough to the eyes of a stranger only then will life force energy knock at your door.

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