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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 09:54

altFeng Shui in your Office

The essence of Feng Shui is to use the positive energy, or ‘Chi’ present in any environment to enhance the surroundings to attain well being, prosperity, and wealth. Its practice has been known to improve office efficiency and make the environment conducive to performance. In recent years, businesses of various nature or sizes have incorporated the application of Fengshui to different aspects like office placements, stationery, packing designs and colors and even task distribution to maximize efficiency.
Ideally few basic steps can help improve smooth functioning of work environment.

You could take note of the following Tips.

Clear the clutter. Set aside a day or some fixed time slot periodically for clearing clutter. Group energy has multiple advantages. Throw out or organize and file away your papers and files. What you don't need, don't keep. Your desk surface should be open and free of unnecessary items so you have plenty of room to work. File racks, trays, and multiple drawers make it easy to stay organized and clutter-free.
Using modular assembled furniture helps to customize desks according to needs. Remove items that are holding bad memories. Do not use old and redundant stationery.
Maintaining well-organized files and storage cabinets demonstrates respect for your business records. These records represent in a very real sense your past, present, and future business. How you treat them matters.
Keeping your desk and work area clear also allows you to incorporate small touches of pleasant decor and the presence of at least one personal item in your work area.
Make your office entry inviting. Beautiful objects, that catches that catch ones attention attract ‘Chi’.

As far as possible, arrange your office desks so you face the doorway. This is a position of "command." Having your back towards the door lends a sense of vulnerability. Sitting with a solid wall behind you places you in control of the situation. In situations when moving your desk is not possible, placing a mirror or any reflective object gives you the support of a wall.

Place healthy indoor plants; make sure they are well maintained. They bring beauty and the energy of life force into your work space. Bamboo, jade, money plant or a money tree are considered particularly auspicious. Posters or motivational Quotes in offices are positive features.

Non-glare, comfortable lighting
Suitable amount of light should be available according to the activity conducted. Remember to hide your cables and cords.

Take care of maintenance issues. Anything broken, out of order, or troublesome in its working condition should be fixed, or if no longer needed, discarded. Since water represents cash flow and wealth, take care of plumbing issues. Waste paper baskets should be placed out of direct sight. Door knobs and hinges should be in good order. Make sure to keep the clocks and bells are in good repair and maintained.




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