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Tuesday, 06 January 2009 10:00

altThe use of Feng Shui for Business Purposes is becoming popular world wide.

Right from the selection of space for an establishment of business to designing interiors of offices, factories, workshops, buildings to selecting colors for interiors of hotels, restaurants, shops, fast food joints. The nature of business conducted on a given premise can be greatly affected by the kind of ambience created.

For example fast food joints need to be more vibrant and colorful compared to a diner where subtle lighting and colors can make the environment soothing and peaceful to enjoy a meal in leisure.

The allocation of areas for use of different activities is of utmost importance. Passages and walkways should be free of blockages.

In factories and workshops places of activity and storage should be carefully selected to ensure smooth movement within the indoor activity. Finished goods should be ideally stored close to the exit doorway.

The entry point should be larger than the exit.

Sign boards and notice instructions should be clearly displayed.

Cleanliness and ventilation needs to be taken care of regularly. All machines and equipment needs to be kept in good repair. Large or important machinery should not be placed under cross beams; in places with too many cross beams a false ceiling or canopy should be made. The seating of the management should be higher than the regular staff.

Stairways going to upper levels must not have open gaps between them.
Storage of water should be carefully decided.

Business Cards

One of the most fascinating aspects of Feng Shui is to use it to better work and Business. Besides measures to apply it in the work premises, one can use it in the form of signs, symbols, auspicious colors in designing Business cards, logos, office stationery etc. Some examples of these are given to understand how to go about it. In effect one can personalize the features to suit ones date of birth, favorable colors of the person or related business could also be used.

Some Good Color Combinations for Visiting Cards
Red, Yellow and Black
Medium Blue, grey and white
Black, Green and Lavender
Red, Yellow and White
Red and Medium Blue
Grey, Blue and Red

Sales, Fast growing business, volatile professions, tall ambitions, hotel, caterers.

Stable business, service providers, professionals, doctors, Estate Agents, builders.

Elements and their Color association
The Five Elements have their respective color associations and businesses that are representated by them.
Water - Black or navy blue
Transport, moving forwarding, information technology, water, carriers, couriers, creative professions.
Wood - Greens
Sales, fast growing businesses, food and catering, teaching, gardening plants nurseries, healing.
Fire - Red, Purple, pink, sky blue,
Diamonds, show business, advertising, blood banks, chemicals.
Earth - Brown, yellow, white
Stone, tiles, brick business, estates, builders, farming, business - grains and pulses.
Metal - Rust, grey, white and metallic shades
Doctors, healers, teachers, preachers, CEOs of big organizations, Head of chain business and Researchers.

Dos & Don'ts

Use the logo in the centre or top left corner.

Do not use too much information on the face of the card.

Contact nos. can be on the top right or bottom.

Do not use arrows in signs or logos.

The card should always be in standard size.

Do not divide the card into halves or cross sections.

Smart functional cards can be in Black and White.

Always use the shape carefully.






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