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Monday, 22 December 2008 10:17

Feng Shui: Abundance

The concept of wealth is subjective; to some it means the achieving of a fixed sum of money, to some it may mean material abundance, there are othewealthrs to whom being blessed and getting whatever they need, as and when the need arises is wealth. Feng Shui covers all these aspects; it believes that you alone should set the parameters for abundance. It surely says that it’s fine to be rich and want material pleasures. According to fengshui you need not attach guilt to abundance and extravagance; however the means to achieving such wealth must be honestly comfortable to the person in question.

The features and areas related to wealth in your premises are your main door, the south east, the richness of d├ęcor displayed, the water features and water sources in your home.

All the above mentioned features need to be taken care of; kept in good condition and enhanced as per the location or direction in which they exist.
Some wealth enhancing features are depicted below.

Lucky cat family: Cats are smart and alert; this cure is used to encourage thrift. Mostly used in business premises it can be used in homes too. Remember money saved is money earned. It can be placed on a cash counter or on the cash box.

The Citrine tree: Crystals attract energy the color of this stone resembles gold; it is a stone which symbolizes wealth. Placed in a room especially above eye level it is used to attract good luck and money.

Water fountains are associated with money and abundance. Water according to Feng Shui is a symbol of money, it is the beginning of the cycle of creation.

Some wealth symbols to attract abundance in life

1. Water imageries- Water falls, lakes, streams, rivers, and ocean. Fish tanks, fish bowl or pictures of fishes.

2. Doorways- Beautifully decorated doors, archways,

3. Pathways- Lazily winding pathways, forest paths, stone or tiled walkways

4. Good plumbing- All water sources in any home or office should be in good repair, drains and sewage outlets should not be clogged.

5. Welcome Entrance- Welcome mat, fancy name plate, decorative festoons, bells or fixtures near the entrance.

6. Images of money- Posters or pictures of actual money, metallic coins displayed.

7. Water fountains-Beautiful water fountains, placed suitably and in good repair, movement of water essential.

8. Chinese Good Luck Coins- Carrying good luck coins in pocket or displaying them.

9. Metal decorative objects- Metal art objects in pleasing symbolism, rich looking metal objects in use.

10. Crystal objects-Crystal wares in use or display attract wealth.

11. Any thing that spells affluence- Rich tapestry, cushions, art objects, or things you believe to be expensive put to use.

12. Plants- Healthy plants placed in or outside the home, especially in the East or South east region of the home.

(It must be noted though some of the above mentioned features are placed suitably as per their specific directions)

Wealth Wallpaper

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